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Our YELLOW Soul, heart and mind

I’m struggling to belive that its already 2011 , kind creepy as i’m thinking of this.

Its Now been 5 years since we found our way to the yellow world, a beutiful world that i will forever have in my heart

I will now tell you of the journey to our precious finding of S.Korea ❤

It all started a boring summerday 2006, in which my sisster and I had nothing to do, so our brother borrowed us his computer, and there we found tresure , we found the korean movie “a moment to remember” . It was the first and the very last drama that i ever watched  and ever will watch without english subitle, as my sister and i didn’t understand i crap of the movie. We didn’t get where the movie was heading nor where it came from, it all was a mystery. I bet if i watched it again today i would understand sooo much more as i’m more mature and now i actually do understand some spoken korean(showing off XXD). We finshed the movie and asked our brother what kinda weird thing he had brought us, i don’t really remember the answere but i bet he told us it was korean.

A few days later we found another movie in our computer and this time it was japanese,”Ao no Honoo / Blue Light”. Here we found a japanese actor , whcih we found “cool” or it shouldn’t really be a we as it probably was my sissters doing, she “googled and youtubed” this dude, Ninomiya Kazunari ,and we fund soo freeaking much as he was a member of the japanese pop group Arashi.  through arashi we found our lovely SS501. These boys were our free ticket to the korean world, we found x-man (a vairty show) we found there video’s, and about a week we were heart dying fans of this purly uknown guys. One day as we were watching their songs we found a song which was annoyingly mixed with anothere song, and we thought screw, why are they messing with sucha beuiful song by mixing it with a weird japanese song, DBSK, thhh Whata hell is that for kinda name, the song was DBSK’s My destiny.

Of all the memorise, this one is the brightest as i remember it so clear till this day, we (sis and i) were cealning the kitchen and i was going to do the dishes, and as usual the dishes is always harder than just waeping the tables, so my sister was done before me, and in the midest of doing my dishes my sisster calls for me and shows me 2 songs that i till this day LOOVE!! First was Arashi’s Kitto Daijoubu and DBSK’s My destiny. I still remember how my sisster thought Dbsk were singing in russian in their english parts …Hehe funny XXD.

A few more day later we started watching Goong , we looved it. At that moment we bed our old life godbye, and welcomed thiis new beuty. Not a clue did we have about what was wainting ahead of us …..This Is a Story which i hope i will tresure and preciour for life =)

Btw…OMH we warched our first drama (goong, prinsess hours) In youtube OMG!!

Posted by: dogulita | January 2, 2011

The King Is back TO the BIG SCREEN <3

No other than Gong Yoo uri lovley actor is back. As He already managed to get him self about 11 month break from the big and small screen his back with a new possible hit “Finding Mr.Destiny”.

The actress of the drama is the sam actress which gong yoo was rumered to have a secret relationship with, Im Soo Jung. I can’t say much about the movie but i can almost garantee u that it will be awesome as our lovely Yooo Will be in it !! XXD

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Awweesomme newss! Yeeah Dogu is back! XXD

Hola todas !!

Its beeen a long time, hasn’t it?, but too be truly honest ! even thought i have been busy i have missed writing in my blog. Like all other schools i have noticed that teachers looove to save all projects and test to the 2 last weeks of school!! I call that sick!

But now we shall put that behind us, as it should be considered as history ❤

Not soo long ago it was my birthday, and i thought it was freeaaking awesome… it feelt reaally good to finally turn 17, and something just as cool, I turned 17 on 17th December…U get it!! XXD

I can’t belive it!! Noo i seriously can’t belive that i didn’t have time to post a happy birthday post for my Baby Junsu and sweetie Onew …Waaahh I fell terrible, But i might as well congrat them now with a clean consious, cause if i had congrated them on their b-day , it would mean that i ditched all my homework and assessments just to congrat them…NOT GOOGd=p

I will start posting as usual from 22/12-10…Hopefully =P

Listen to this , And get ur mood to the ultimate XXD

Posted by: dogulita | October 12, 2010

The TWWIINZ of the week!

Thought i have a Chemistry test 2morro i’m still doing this…..But I just think its incredible the fact that These 2 celebs look soo much alike, but still they apear soo unlike one and other!

Choi Min Ho (Shinee) and Shin Min Ah (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

Posted by: dogulita | August 15, 2010

Booy ! You leave me Speachless!!

You make an apperance and than Bang Bang Bang You Shot me down ,

I Don’t know if it is intentionoll but Whenever Younghwa is on stage doing his thing, he ALWAYS leaves me Speachless That boys talents are Priceless!

I’m Littererly Spechless Soo I’mma let u guys do the thinking for me ….

Here is G.NA performance Feat.Younghwa♥

Peace , Dogu!♥

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Sometimes is not all about Joon…*.=

For some reason I only knew that Joon was going to appear in Kan Mi Yeon  MV “Crazy” but the shock came after hand , the moment i Saw Mir I knew that this was going to be a listenable song in some parts. Mir appearance in the Mv Was a Thousand times better than Joon’s appearance , the appearance which was massively talked about. I’m not saying that i disliked Joon’s appearance, because i didn’t…but i thought it was nothing special. I was actually hoping for Joon to sing something with the voice of his that sound like a boy who is still in i puberty. ” Somebody nugunga nareul jom mallyeojwoyo eotteoke ireoke danghalsuga innayo… I don’t really see what my sister sees in that boy…his just another pretty-faced-boy, that live his life by his looks. But here is the lovely song that The awesome Mir Is featured in.

MV HD | Kan Mi Yeon 간미연 ft. Lee Joon & Mir (MBLAQ)

I gotta say that Kan Mi Yeon is dame smarrt to use MBLAQ as her tools ..TEEHE LOL

Here is the Lyrics in Romanji and English Read More…

YG has the past few month had issue with plagiarism, and for all fo us that thought that it had gotten to an end , be were wrong. Teayang’s New solo single is the next target.(I think GD has this bad luck thing following him, Poor buu!)

Luckily this is not an issue that is that big, actually it’s rather a minor issue, but I though it would be fun to share it with ya =P

I Reeally Hope that none of you guuys have missed taeyangs Dessprate search for a ideal  Guurl ” I Need a Girl”

Taeyang – I Need a Girl [Eng Sub/Rom/Hangul] (동영배) ft. G.D (BigBang) & Dara (2NE1) [HD]

I have also got the English translation here Read More…

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The T.O.P(i.m.p) Is back

T.O.P Is back with a brand new solo song, a solo song that I’m sure will catch every korean tv stations attention… i smell a hot brand new banned song.

His song is nothing to underestimate, because i’m more than sure it will get alot of ladies attention considering it out there for them. But The reaction might  differ , because some girls might adoore it and others might just take it like me. I didn’t like it , it maybe sounded a bit good in some certain parts but it waas a pure JOKE ,  and hell yeah i loove joke songs , the kinds that jump out of what an ordinary korean singer would sing but this song was a JOKE with capital letters Litterly. Well i’m sure he did for irony and i thats the case I got nothing more to say than that i Loved it…But only if it was out of irony ☺

Here is the song with engsub

But i Got to admitt its a song that i could possibly have in my Song collection…Because it has a Chorus that caugthts ones attention…As long as there is no translation to his song and no video its good! BTW Did U see the bird dance at the end Whatt a killa!

Here is Lyrics in romanji and English Enjoooy!

T.O.P – Turn It Up Romanized Read More…

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A Women of her words….Not really ^^

But WHO Cares Its SUMMMER BREAAK!!!!!!!!

I made a promise that I knew that I wouldn’t keep….But lets erase that out of our mind! =P THEHHE

But seriously I’m thinking of making a comeback, I miss my lovely dogu readers and I miss posting post , changing my banner every now and then. I was thinking of starting of with a new banner, but I realised that if I did so , I would never get started with my posting instead I would spend the whole day fixing a banner ,YEY!

Best of all Immma Be Back, Dogu is MAKING an Official Comeback!

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Coonngrraatas HUUN♥

It was My Junki’s BD yesterday…..Waahhh I wish him to have had the best BD every (Which is not really possible when he is without me=P)

But a HUUGE Happpy B-Day to my Beloved Junki♥♥

Late , I know ! 11/6-10

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