Posted by: dogulita | August 29, 2008

Kyote Married Couples!!

Married celebrities are like the kyoteest thing in this planet!!

Have you seen these guys!

Okay i will start with a Korean Actor that i never would have the thought of him being marreid, it came like a shock!, Ji Jin Hee, He got married 2004 , and have been married with Lee Su Yon in 4 years now, and here is a pic of them in their wedding =)

Aren’t they kyoote!! Wooo, Soo Kyotte! Feel soo happy for them ,

Okay lets go to another kyoote couple, That i peronaly think they are Cuter than cute, Yeep Thats… Han Ga In And her Hubbie,

Arent they just adorable, She’s soo pretty !! HAN GA IN 4EVA

They are truly kyoote !!!, Ahh Hope she will be happy 4 eva with him!!

They are like perfect couple no.1…

Now of to the next kyote coouple and thats….Park Shin Yang with his wifey!!, I haven’t heard a lot about them soo, i dont know that much about them ,i cant say soo much, but they look quite of kyoote, in pic’s

AND Here comes my favorite…Ahhaaa Yeep that’s

Jang Hyuk!!

Yep He just got married, i think it was about 2 month ago, and it soo kyoote i even heard he is a father maan thats huge!!, I never thought he was the kind to marry…he maybe married just becoz she’s the mother to his son…..ahha joking his not that kind of guy!! !! ..soo kaaawwaaii .Here are some pic of him and his new wifey

How Kyootee Couples they all are


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