Posted by: dogulita | February 10, 2009

JUst Waaaay too HoT

Gosssh I didn’t even say happy new year to you guys =( Srry…but i actually was busy, but i know that u guys will forgive me =P. Lets Moove on to the hot stuff

Some days ago i started watching Boys Over flower…And i gotta admit It was some hot stuff i got to see. All the girls seem to be giving all the their attention to Lee Min Ho, But Why??… Okay , i agree he is….okay, but all the girls seem to be crazy in him, but now when I’m thinking about the matter i realise that Lee min ho (The leader of F4) is a lot hotter then Jun form arashi, that guy looked like a monkey but still he got so many fans!. The f4 members are so Dame Freaaking hot,

Lets start with Kim bum …My favorite =P , That guy has totally stolen my heart this year!! , when i saw him i east of Eden i was like goosh was a hOotie!!, i even thought he was better at acting then SSH was … yeah I’m obsessed with the guy but how can u not he is so HAndsome.

Lets move on to Shin tae hwan (Jo Min Ki)’s lost son , Kim Joon , apparently he is a member of the boy band the max…he is the rapper in the group, Well that explains the reason he all ways goes Yo Yo MAn,  this dude is supposed to act like Akira, and like Older woman but he seem to go for any shit, and i thought that kim bums character was the one that only cared about Tea but they have added something to the list , Girls, Apparently hes acting like a player, It Suits Him ..And Here comes the supers star …

Kim Hyun Joong , for some reason i can never get his name in to my head, I call hm Jesse, (because i thought he looked like Jesse McCartney).Kim really bring the hotness in rui..hehe

Should  i go on with the good stuff or you guys wanna hear somethin dirty…?

Ceci2-Taeyoung-clear.jpg Ceci雜誌2月號-TaeYoung-clear image by cindy_cassiopeia

Dirty Okey….U guys can guess, i only find dirt in SNSD . every time i see there face i always get to hear something bad, And this time it Was Disgusting, Yeah…It seems Like the leader of SNSD Taeyoung Is a pure racist, She said the Alicia keys Was Good looking for being black…Excuse me what Did she say…Oh no she didn’t,  Is she trying to tell us that black girls are not good looking?? Well She is quite of bad looking for being Asian, Even plastic wouldn’t be able to do anything for sucha helpless case…

Okey now that i\m pissed of i\m gonna try to cool down… Yeah i just started watching mentalist…it was a long time ago that i actually watched a American drama…Well after the crap Prison break bought i didn’t want to watcgh any thing that was American, but Mentalist changed my mind.. This Serie is just so Awesome, the main actor is hot, but there is something even more tasty in this drama and thatt is detective Cho….he is someone that should be getting our attention, i hope u guys didn’t believe i would talk about something non/Asian? ahah are u guys joking , there will always be something Asian in my posts…

Btw KWon IS officially A father to a son Isn’t that cute !! Son Tae-young gave bith to a healthy son on February 6th. Kwoonnie IS A  daddy, I think its SSH turn to choose someone spec. and start a family dont u agree??




  1. Ok… I agree with you about SNSD I hate them all and they are just retarded to the core. But, I don’t like how you are critiscizing actor’s looks, and comparing them to their popularity.
    I hate boys before flowers, because many incidents in the story ruins the whole storyline. I love Hana Yori Dango because it stays true to the story and even though the actors may not be “hot” to you they are super hot to me, because they can ACTUALLY ACT. Especially, comparing hanazawa rui to kim hyunjoong. Kim hyunjoong sucks and he is one of the reasons why I cannot watch BBF anymore. I fell in love with all the characters in HYD because of their acting, not their looks. Their acting, makes their appearance look way hot.

    • I agree…The acting Is the main thing…Trust me u’ve got no idea how many dramas i have watched and the actors were drop dead gorgeus but as soon as they tried acting They faiiled misrebly! And to me a NEVER that i would watch it…Screw the looks dude!! And there have been times that i have started watching a drama where i thougth the actor got noo looks what so ever…But the more i watched the drama the more i thougth that thhe actor was Smooking…And i do realise that His Acting ISs Just smooking!! But let me tell you one thing straight of … sure u can i have ur own oppionons but Hana Yori Dango was Crack Comperad to The korean ver!… Trust me hun I started watching the drama saying that lee minho was Noot Hoot…And as u can see in my post i really thought he wasn’t hot …but at the end of the drama I was just another fan girl! Peace and Love!

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