Posted by: dogulita | December 19, 2010

Awweesomme newss! Yeeah Dogu is back! XXD

Hola todas !!

Its beeen a long time, hasn’t it?, but too be truly honest ! even thought i have been busy i have missed writing in my blog. Like all other schools i have noticed that teachers looove to save all projects and test to the 2 last weeks of school!! I call that sick!

But now we shall put that behind us, as it should be considered as history ❤

Not soo long ago it was my birthday, and i thought it was freeaaking awesome… it feelt reaally good to finally turn 17, and something just as cool, I turned 17 on 17th December…U get it!! XXD

I can’t belive it!! Noo i seriously can’t belive that i didn’t have time to post a happy birthday post for my Baby Junsu and sweetie Onew …Waaahh I fell terrible, But i might as well congrat them now with a clean consious, cause if i had congrated them on their b-day , it would mean that i ditched all my homework and assessments just to congrat them…NOT GOOGd=p

I will start posting as usual from 22/12-10…Hopefully =P

Listen to this , And get ur mood to the ultimate XXD


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