I’m goin to rate dramas and add a comment about what i think of these dramas.

I’m goin to rate by:

Tasty Coffee – 5/5

Spec. Coffee – 4/5

Okay Coffee – 3/5

Mira Coffee – 2/5

Sleepy Coffee – 1/5


Hong Gil Dong

Tasty Coffee– This drama was seriously amazing, both storyline and character were awesome. It was a drama that was hard to let go of .  Even thought The end was not as good as i expected, i looveed the drama It really captured all my attention from the very first Episode. Me myself truly hate Korean period dramas because they are always wearing hanboks, and the storyline is always the same, the most trustworthy man is cheating on his wife with another hanbok wearing women..Ur like Okay??.


Great Inheritance

Okay Coffee – I liked this drama , even thought it was a bit confusing in the middle , i did my best to ignore does part , but Su bong Helped me alot 2!… Its funny when i think about how i cried When Su bong Was crying in a scene!…But it was 2 years ago so lets ignore that!


Bad Love

Mira Coffe It wasent only bad love it was also a bad drama, this drama had the best actors ever, the supporting actress was funny , her hair, Yep! , but the main actress was terrible , with her it was always tears here , tears there tears everywhere , she was like an infectio, she even made kwon cry…all i can say is the drama was as  misrible as the piture it self!!!


90 days, Time for love

Sleepy Coffe – The drama was waay to saad, or the main actor was waay too misrible, it felt like a latin drama , yeahh expect that they didn’t have any cleaner to cheat with, and that he actually died in the end, latin with there miricals. becoz of this drama i sterted hating the main actor (Kang ji hwan, That i later found out  was one of the funniest and hootest actor), becoz he was soo misrible in the drama, first of all he had 90 days left of his life, he fell in love with his own cousin , he is married with a women he dosent even like, and he got a daughter with her…..yeep…!!


Time Between Dog and Wolf.


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