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The Dogu Life…

Date: 3/9-08

Ahh…Today i saw this Extreme Hot laptop that i just gotta buy, it expensive but it will be worth the money…But i’m not quite of sure which colour i should choose,

Should it be..


in this pic the labtop doesnt seem like lime green, it looks soo dead….



DANG Love the colour



Or should i just let u guys decide (The purple on is not it becoz its new)

They all cost 5590 sek, 852,13 Dollars,  its quite of expensiv so wich one i should choose should not be something i would just get over, and if u guys sugggest black,,,Hehe NO, I canget a black one any where and soo with white, so it should be a colour!!…

Plus i also wanned this mobile phone but it dosent seem like its out in sweden….=(

Grreeennnhome.jpg picture by Gong_Yoo_Lovina



  1. I vote for the blue laptop! 🙂
    But maybe you should choose your fav color, it’s up to you.

  2. now when u mention it.. the blue one looks good…

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