Funny And Cool Stuff

Today while waitin unpationly for subs to Women in the sun and Spotlight…I found The world most funny video…I had tears runnin down The guy was soo funny…To be honest i hate to subscrib ppl that are subscribed alot…but i couldent let go of this guy….the funniest part was when i gius asked him about his grade….his answere was like this

Looved they way he graded Non asian ppls Grades and asian…

Non-asian Ppl

A = Awsome

B =Good

C = Slipping a bit but still Good

D = Not doing good , ur below avrage

F = U Failed

Asian Ppl

A = Avrage

B = Bad

C = Crap

D = Death

F = Fuck , ur goin to bording school soon

U gotta Watch this its hilirious


A Really Cool Thing

Seriously I was Amazed when i first saw this this girl is really good, She really know how to Lip Syc …..And u gotta see the end where her cousin comes in and sing Low

Is it just me or does she really look like thai…?? Eitherway She was awsome whith her kawaaiiiCousin!



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