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4minute, B2ST to debut overseas thru Universal Music

03.jpg 4Minute – 1677 image by katayba

Korean talenthouse Play Cube Entertainment signed a deal on strategic alliance with global record company Universal  on Monday, opening the path for their singers such as 4minute and B2ST to expand their singing careers internationally.

“I am convinced that this strategic alliance will bring a new beginning for the Korean music industry,” Hong Seung-Seong, President of Play Cube was quoted as saying. “We expect our artists to successfully make their overseas debut through our cooperation with Universal Music.”

Max Hole, President of Universal Music Group International, explained that the new alliance will enable Universal to license and globally distribute Korean pop music by Play Cube’s artists, strengthen its standing in the local music market and serve as a bridge to Asian and other international markets.

Play Cube Entertainment was founded by two former executives at JYP Entertainment who oversaw the careers of global entertainer Rain and pop group Wonder Girls. The agency currently manages several K-pop artists including girl band 4minute and idol group B2ST.

Universal Music, which is part of the global media communications group Vivendi, is an international record label with direct-investment branches and licensing companies in 77 countries.

Play Cube and Universal are planning to release a special package album “For Muzik” by girl group 4minute. It will be simultaneously released in eight Asian countries this month.

Reporter : Ko Kyoung-seok
Editor : Lynn Kim
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TVXQ and their Avex contract

TVXQ_WALL_by_tknk.jpg TVXQ_WALL_by_tknk image by Skinca33

AVEX official gave an official stand related to the chaotic/confusion among TVXQ fans both in Korea and Japan which has been happening after the article about TVXQ already stepped on disbanding procedure was released by Japanese newspapers.

On the 3rd, Nikkan Sports Japan quoted Japanese official from AVEX company, “The policy of TVXQ to work as five members doesn’t yet to change.”

However, as been informed, TVXQ contract with their Japan company AVEX will expire in June. If the contract is not extended from now on, whether TVXQ can continue activities in Japan, it won’t be yet secured.

Currently TVXQ Changmin and Yunho still remain under SM Entertainment while the rest members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have left expanding their each individual activities.

Just sometime ago, in Japan TVXQ attended NHK’s year-end award festival Kouhaku Uta Gassen as five members for the first time, however the three members, whose provisional disposition application to terminate exclusive contract against SM Entertainment was accepted by the Korea court as the issue of court injunction, seem to be more passionate in the performance and there was an unseen tense and emotional conflict with the remaining two members that makes the current situation is impossible to predict.

The problem now is whether SM will extend the contract of the 3 members with AVEX after June. The fact that currently TVXQ is at their peak of popularity in Japan is something that can not be ignored under any condition especially in relation to revenue circumstances.

TVXQ is now in a situation of an attempt to reach into final decision amicably to be able to work together in a long-term in Japan.

credit: Korea Economic Daily

I Miss Them ..MY Sweeethearts!♥

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A.N.Jell “Regroups” at the SBS Drama Awards

20091214_anjell_main.jpg A.N.Jell image by mrs_HONGstar

SBS “You’re Beautiful” idol group A.N.Jell members were reunited.

Actors Jang Geunsuk, Park Shinhye, Jung Yonghwa and Lee Hongki attended the “2009 SBS Drama Awards” held on 31st December 2009 at SBS Open Hall. They were reunited as A.N.Jell, the drama idol rock band, and did a 100% live stage at the awards show.

Great applause and cheers came from the audience when the drama title song “Still” was played, welcoming the band members back on stage together.

The special stage was also to answer to the many drama fans’ requests and wishes of seeing A.N.Jell performing again.

On the other hand, Park Shinhye, Jung Yonghwa and Lee Hongki also proudly received the New Star Award.

As one of the MCs at the awards ceremony, Jang Geunsuk hugged his “band members” on stage while presenting the trophies to them.

Lee Hongki expressed his thanks by saying, “Thank you to our family and staff. Thank you to F&C Music family, who have always been taking good care of us. To our FT Island members who have been supporting me, I will become a greater person who can do well in both acting and singing.”

Following this, Jung Yonghwa also said, “Thank you to our director and writer for giving me such a good opportunity. Thank y0u to my lovely family and also our C.N.Blue members who have been working very hard in Japan without me. I also want to continue using the given nickname ‘Petty Newbie’.”

Park Shinhye said that, “I think this is an award given to actors who have done their best. A very thank you to all A.N.Jell members. Having turned twenty, this is a great opportunity given to me and I thank our director and writer.”

Though “You’re Beautiful” has obtained more than 10% viewer ratings, the bulk of its viewers comes from the younger audience. Every episode creates a hot discussing topic among the viewers.

Credits: Newsen + Review Star + ying1005 @ primanoona (translations)

Maa I bet i was not the Only one watiiing For this day …OYeaah OoYeaah !! I’m soo happpy for my Cocckies 0.0 Once they on that stage They Possess it ! XXD
Last member of girlgroup 5Girls Choi JiNa will set to have her debut into the entertainment circle.

It is known that Choi JiNa will be releasing an album for her official debut this summer, and is currently training under Cube Entertainment which groups BEAST and 4Minute are under.

A Cube staff said, “We are currently working on having the debut in summer.” Ahead of her debut, Choi JiNa had her showcase in Melon AX hall on the 5th.

Much anticipation is for Choi Jina’s debut. It was known that after the disbandment of 5Girls, she had appeared for 2PM’s ‘10 points out of 10′ MV.

5Girls debuted through MTV ‘Diary of 5Girls’ in 2007, and the members had all had their individual debut after 5Girls’ disbandment like – WonderGirls YooBin, After School Uee, Secret Jeon HyoSeong etc.

S:Newsen + kbites

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The time is in…

NooPe i’m not quitting so u can breath out =P….But i really do belive that it is time for me to start posting  KPop News…Like back in the days When i Used to post over 6 posts every day…It was a part of my daily rutin…but now all that is gone . The first thing i do when i turn the computer on is Check Facebook  than roiworld and withs2 (To see if any new subs are out) and thats it! But I will Make this Happen ! I Promise u And I will Start today rigth away…Imma be A Woman Of My Words

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Child of Empire to Debute in January

Looks like 2010 is kicking off with a blast – Child of Empire has been confirmed to finally debut in January!

CoE was originally set to debut this fall; however, due to financial issues with their entertainment company Star Empire, the group was forced to push their official debut date back. It was recently revealed that the members of this group completed filming for an upcoming music video in GyeongGiDo, indicating that the title song has already been chosen and that promotions are in the works.

Although they have yet to officially debut, Child of Empire has received offers from companies for commercials and much love from fans due to their talent and persistence, as indicated by their reality program, Mnet‘s Return of the Empire Children. CoE has already completed several CFs which are set to be broadcast after the boys’ debuts, ensuring a strong start to a promising career.

I think korea is trying to start a new trend…Yupp to lay 2 eggs at the same time. As far as i remebemer there was Ast1 and Shinee Debuting together , and then it was 2pm and 2am , 2ne1 and 4minutes ,MBLAQ  and Beast (I’m sure I have forgotten some but comeon !) and now it is CoE and F.cuz. Common give us a break!…But to be honest i Like it!! ♥♥♥ To new hot boy band getting our fandom XXD

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Haaappppyyy Birthday MY Junsuuu!!♥♥♥

I wissh YOU a Awwesome Daay♥♥♥

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Haappy B-day Onew!!

Itss My twiinkyy Onew’s B-day! Yeey….I Hope he gets a Awesome dayy!!

A Huge Haapy Birthday From Sweden To UU ONEW!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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8 Dec. A day of pure happiness ♥

U Won’t believe how many time i have gone all crazy today, just thinking about the fact that gong yoo has enlisted the military service and now it is all done♥… Oh Boy…The best day of my life AHAHHA…well maybe not …but it sure was one of my very best days XXD ….I have waited like crazy for this dude…He betta come back and lay a bomb …coz if he dosent…I Will goo BIChaaa!….but ofc i let him take a Half year break….coz Military service should rather be paaiin in the ass…What i have seen in drams aint nice for sure i can tell u…but it feels good to know that he is not in a difficult place as The military itself…But When he Comes back We alll Should be aware that he is goin to BRIING it!!…I mean the “it” that only  yoo has♥♥♥


(i really hope that he will come to sweden one fine day♥♥♥)

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They Say that I’m Addicted

BESThearts.jpg image by FindStuff2

They Say that I’m Addicted ! How can you say that i’m addicted ?

I’m Just …just Obsessed, Yeaah thats what it is ! Obsessed Some of you may think that its basically the same thing but let me keep it simple .Its NOT!… Obsessed sounds soo much better than addicted… DUH!.. HAHA lol ; Living in my own world as always. But Boo u ! …You just got yourself into the Dogulita woorld..!! And Hun it is one of a kind ..Btw Oremanee!!

So yeah this obsessed Thing Over here (Me) Got assessments and homework and All kind of exams This 2 past weeks buut …u won’t trust me! I haven’t vared about it at all…Instead i have been sitting home Watching Style and You’re beautiful …and something thats quite of obvious is that once u start watching a drama you just can’t stop!…Ohh bOoii i Need Rehab…AHHAH lol…But common they got rehab 4 everything i bet they got it for K-drama obsession …HAHAH XXD..This was a short one….But newws and inside scoop of the K- world is soon to come…

Luv and Peace …:Sarang ♥ (Eiid mubarak People =P)

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